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Dragon of Legends RPG October Kickstarter Update: Getting Grim in Gammal

Things have been getting grim in Gammal. The weather's been getting gloomy and ghosts have started appearing across the island!


October has been another productive, but rather spooky month for our action RPG Dragon of Legends. We’ve been working on the Ranger and Wizard player controls and further bug fixing on the back end. Additionally, there have been several new macabre additions made to the Gammal exterior, Braithwaithe village, and Gammal subterranean maps.

A Dire Situation – Visual Cues in RPGs

Some of the players that worked through the beginning quests mentioned in our Discord channel that the Adalwolf was rather difficult to find. This quest is supposed to be rather basic and not require the player to search the entire island to find. We took this feedback to mind and incorporated a solution that uses visual cues.

Adalwolf signpost and clues

Along with a sign post which explicitly states that the Adalwolf has been spotted in the area, there are a number of bloody remains scattered along the path to help guide the player to the proper quest location. There’s also a new NPC outside of Norstead which tells a grisly tale of his friend’s unfortunate last encounter with the beast, but I’ll save that for you to experience in game.

Spirits of Braithwaithe

Enemies have been removed from Braithwaithe village, and the non-aggressive ethereal townsfolk slain by Birger’s hand have taken their place. Each of the ghosts have their own portion of the story to tell. Interacting with them will reveal more information about what actually happened to them.

Braithwaithe Screenshot Preview

Ghosts in the Braithwaithe Mead Hall

Gammal Subterranean Caves

Some players have already found the subterranean caves located on the North Western tip of Gammal island, but haven’t been able to enter it. This month we have spent time populating the area with monsters, and preparing it for adventurers to crawl through.

Lots of quests in the underground caves of Gammal

Your vision will be greatly reduced when exploring below ground, and as such you must rely heavily on torch-light to find your way. There’s a lot of winding passages and dimly lit narrow hallways filled with all sorts of unpleasant creatures making the caves extremely confusing to navigate. Be sure to pay attention to your surroundings and prepare yourself for anything that may be hiding in the dark!

That’s all for now! Thanks again for your patience and your support!

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